Nabil Chami is a visual artist practicing drawing and painting since his early age. His story with Arabic Calligraphy is fascinating. At first, it was admiration and wonder. Over time it became passion and obsession, a source of inspiration for this talented artist. In their complicity, he reveals its graceful curves and draws its majestic features. The works of Nabil Chami are truly indicative of the unique relationship between the artist and his muse.

His technique is mainly to draw the Arabic letter in its classical and traditional forms with a personal touch of modernity with a view to ensure the continued existence of this ancient art. It is also characterized by a strong presence of colours and it raises the interest and admiration of Arabs and foreigners.

Indeed, the first exhibition of Nabil Chami was organized in an art gallery in Marrakech under the auspices of its English owners, who, despite their ignorance of Arabic, could not but admire his work. And then a second exhibition ensued in the same year, in Tangiers. For print and broadcast media as well as critics, the works of Nabil Chami could not go unnoticed. And since then, he has never seized to enrich his artistic experience with more research and more work.

Aware of the magic of Arabic Calligraphy to seduce, of its beauty and divine grace that can reach the most insensitive souls and carry away sages in moments of sublime spirituality, of its potential to evolve constantly and wonderfully, of its power, by its nature as an art and as a universal language, to establish a bridge between the Arab-Muslim civilization and the other civilizations, Nabil Chami is entirely and profoundly devoted to drawing and creating again and again for his own well being, for his own unfoldment, and to the delight of his fans and the lovers of this subtle and refined art.

(By: Anass Mrabet)

EXHIBITIONS  : ▪ 2014 University of Al-Akhawayn, Ifrane, Morocco (A Solo Exhibition) ▪ 2013 Galerie Oshtar, Tangier, Morocco (A Duet Exhibition) ▪ 2012 The Show of Contemporary Art, Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida, U.S.A (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2011 Giuseppe Verdi Art Gallery, Paestum, Italy (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2011 Media Library “Hassan II”, The National Meeting of Visual Arts “Letters and Signs”, Casablanca, Morocco (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2011 Mouloudiyate Festival, Moulay Hfid Palace, Tangier, Morocco (A Solo Exhibition) ▪ 2010 Marrakech Art Fair, Tindouf Art Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco (A Collective Exhibition) ▪  2010 Art’et Miss Art Gallery, Paris, France (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2010 Medina Art Gallery, Tangier, Morocco (A Duet Exhibition) ▪ 2009 Tindouf Art Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2007 Linéart Art Gallery, Tangier, Morocco (A Collective Exhibition) ▪ 2007 International Festival of World Sacred Music, RAM Space, Fez, Morocco (A Solo Exhibition) ▪ 2006 Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery, Tangier, Morocco (A Solo Exhibition) ▪  2006 Linéart Art Gallery, Tangier, Morocco (A Collective Exhibition) ▪  2006 Lawrence-Arnott Art Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco (A Solo Exhibition)

COLLECTIONS: The works of Nabil Chami figure in numerous public and private collections, home and abroad.